In the following years, Murchison became a leading company in port operations for fish, wool, steel and chemical industries and began to participate actively in the movement of project cargo inland.

Since 2007 the company has been providing logistic services to the mining industry and since 2011 to the oil & gas industry as well. Based on its wide experience, its technology and professionalism, Murchison has become an efficient alternative in the main ports in the country.

With a history dating back 120 years in Argentina MURCHISON is a company dedicated to port operations that provides services on dock, logistics, transport, storage, equipment provision and other related activities.

In 1969 the company began to expand to the ports of Bahía Blanca, Puerto Madryn, Puerto Deseado, Comodoro Rivadavia, with the purpose of accompanying the development of Southern Argentina.
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MURCHISON URUGUAY is a company dedicated to logistics, transportation of goods, foreign trade and automovite logistics.

It started operating in 1985 as a representative of maritime lines in overseas traffic and as a maritime agent. Later, it started with stevedoring and related services.

Since 1997 the company has concentrated all its resources in providing integral logistic services and has become a leader in the sector.

It has three distribution centers strategically located in Montevideo:

  • Distribution Center N° 1 | 150,000m2 of open yard with 14,632 m2 of area for product storage. Specialized in stockpiling for exportation 24 hours a day. It has 7 docks with self-adjusting ramps for loading and unloading containers and trucks at level, one bay and an exclusive gate for chemical products.
    Fiscal Platform for vehicles and similar loads, 84,200 m2 of fenced and illuminated open bonded warehouse for vehicles and similar loads storage and 90,000 m2 of land for open storage of nationalized units.
  • Distribution Center N° 2 | 89,666 m2 with an exclusive area for product storage, especially in grain and seeds.

In 2014, Murchison Uruguay begins operating RO-RO vessels in the port of Montevideo.
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MURCHISON and DEFIBA accompanied the transformation of the port of Buenos Aires and carried out a differentiated management in the handling of cargo. In 2001 these companies formed a joint venture with the aim of providing foreign trade services operating import, export and domestic bonded warehouses.

Services in the warehouses include:

  • Stuffing and stripping of cargo.
  • Parking areas for international trucks.
  • Storage of cargo.
  • Refrigerated cargo operations.
  • Empty containers yard.
  • IMDG (IMO) cargo

All four bonded warehouses are strategically located near commercial centers and have excellent road access:

  • Puerto Sur warehouse (CABA)
  • Costanera Norte warehouse (CABA)
  • Rosario warehouse (Aeropuerto Rosario, Pcia. Santa Fe)
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TERMINAL ZÁRATE was the first private port created under port law Nº 24,093 in Argentina.

Its mission is to be recognized as a multimodal and logistics center at the service of foreign trade. Its geographic location at the heart of the Argentinean industrial belt provides a strategic advantage for the terminal. Additionally, a free of traffic congestion access terminal and a railroad connection result in lower costs and enhanced security in cargo transportation.

The complex has two specialized terminals:

The Vehicle Terminal which has been operating since June 1996, is the first terminal designed and dedicated to the vehicle business in Latin America.

The Containers and Break Bulk Terminal which has been operating since November 2001, was thought of and built to provide an agile and efficient service in the handling of containers and in logistic services considering its clients’ needs.
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Brent Energía y Servicios S.A. is a company focused on providing high added value services to the Shale Oil & Gas sector.

Its main development, Sand Cube, is a containerized solution for frac sand logistics and well operation.

The equipment used in the solution is manufactured based on proprietary technology developed in association with Canadian based FB Industries.

The main advantages of the solution are the quality and flexibility of the service, cost reduction, optimal proppant conservation, and strong reduction of health and environmental risks.


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PATAGONIA NORTE Terminal has been since 1998 the maritime station that channels all the exports of fruit, vegetables, concentrated juice, minerals and fish produced in the provinces of Río Negro, Neuquén, Mendoza, San Juan and the southern area of Buenos Aires province.

Patagonia Norte is formed by 24 companies from this region. All of them are important users of the San Antonio Este port and have become Murchison associates as a result of its well-known and vast experience as provider of stevedoring services.

In 2007 Patagonia Norte won the bid for the exclusive concession of the Sitio 21 for containers and general cargo in the port of Bahia Blanca.
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AutoMOBILE is a natural gate-in and cost-effective port for vehicle imports and exports. AutoMOBILE offers unsurpassed maritime and railroad connectivity in addition to competive and customizable value added vehicle processing services.

AutoMOBILE is a joint venture between Terminal Zárate S.A., a company headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Neltume Ports, a company headquartered in Santiago, Chile.  

With a throughput capacity exceeding 150,000 vehicles per year, and a new state of the art vehicle processing center; AutoMOBILE offers customers a cost effective and quality driven alternative in the finished vehicle supply chain.
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